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What is a Scrap Car

A car or a vehicle that:
  • is no longer suitable for driving on roads and highways
  • is only valued for its parts and scrap metal

Vehicle Dismantlers and Scrap Car Dealers

Any business that buys scrap cars:
  • for recycling and dismantling
  • for used car parts

Follow the links below to find scrap car and vehicle dismantlers in United Kingdom:

Scrap Cars in England, Scotland, UK

  • Bath
    Lookup Car Recyclers in Bath

  • Birmingham
    Find salvage yards and vehicle dismantlers in Birmingham, UK.

  • Bradford
    Scrap car dealers around Bradford

  • Brighton
    Junk car recycling in or near Brighton

  • Bristol
    Scrap car dealers in Bristol

  • Cambridge
    Junk cas and scrap cars in Cambridgeshire

  • Canterbury
    Scrap car and auto recycling near Canterbury

  • Carlisle
    Auto recyclers and junk cars in Carlisle

  • Chelmsford
    Vehicle dismantlers in Chelmsford

  • Cheltenham
    Auto recyclers and dismantlers in Cheltenham

  • Chester
    Car dismantlers in Chester

  • Chichester
    Auto recyclers and dismantlers in Chichester

  • Coventry
    Scrap cars and used parts in Coventry

  • Derby
    Where to recycle cars in Derbyshire

  • Durham
    Find Scrap Car Dealers in Durham

  • Ely
    Scrap car dealers in Ely

  • Exeter
    Scrap and junk cars in Exeter

  • Glasgow
    Find auto-recycling in Glasgow

  • Gloucester
    Auto recyclers and scrap cars in Gloucester

  • Hereford
    Car Breakers and scrap cars in Hereford

  • Kingston upon Hull
  • Lancaster
    Vehicle dismantlers in Lancaster

  • Leeds
    Car recyclers in Leeds

  • Leicester
    Lookup scraps cars and auto recyclers in Leicester

  • Lincoln
    Vehicle dismantlers in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

  • Liverpool
    Scrap cars and dismantlers in Liverpool

  • City of London
    Vehicles dismantlers and scrap cars in London, UK.

  • Manchester
    Scrap Cars and Recyclers in Manchester

  • Newcastle upon Tyne
    Lookup auto recyclers and dismantlers in Newcastle Upon Tyne

  • Norwich
    Find auto recyclers in Norwich

  • Nottingham
    Find scrap car dealers in Nottinhamshire

  • Oxford
    Junk cars and recycling in Oxford

  • Peterborough
    Scrap cars in Peterborough in Cambridgeshire

  • Plymouth
    Locate scrap car dealers in Plymouth

  • Portsmouth
    Car recyclers in Portsmouth, Hampshire

  • Salisbury
    Find Scrap car dealers in Salisbury

  • Sheffield
    Scrap car dealers in Sheffield

  • Southampton
    Vehicle dismantlers in Southampton

  • Auto Breakers and Recyclers in St Albans

  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • Metal Recyclers and Auto Brakers in Stoke-on-Trent

  • Sunderland
    Sunderland auto recyclers and vehicle dismantlers

  • Truro

  • Wells

  • Westminster

  • Winchester
    Auto recyclers and dismantlers in Winchester

  • Wolverhampton
    Car Dismantlers in Wolverhampton, West Midlands

  • Worcester
    Auto recyclers and scrap cars in Worcester.

  • York
    Scrap Cars and Recyclers in York


Whether you have an old car that is no longer safe to use or drive or simply don't want anymore or your looking to buy used parts for your car, you should look into car dismantlers or scrap car dealers many of them while recycling vehicles and cars do salvage working used car parts for resale and based on the repairs on your car this could be a great cost savings. Just becasue a car has run its course or sometimes a car is totalled due to an accident and it is not even old you can get parts that are in good working condition at a fraction of the price you would pay for a new one.


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