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Auto Recycler: A business that acquires vehicles for recycled use as parts, scrap, or similar purposes.

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Did you know that cars are recycled more than any other product in America? Auto recycling helps the planet, as well as helps consumers.  Once a vehicle has reached the end of its usefulness a car recycler comes and buys the old junker to salvage for parts and scrap.  This is a great deal for their customers because most people are just happy to be rid of an old vehicle once it will not run anymore, or once repairs would cost more than the car is worth in resale value.  Sometimes also, those cars you will see once in awhile on the side of the highway that someone abandoned because it was not worth saving to them will be rescued by auto recyclers and put back in to use.  The whole process saves time and hassle for people whose cars have broken down, and saves the rest of the community from having to look at those eye sores on the side of the highway. 

The next step is for the car recycling company to disassemble the vehicle.  This process saves junk yards from having to deal with thousands of pounds of metal each year.  That is the whole idea behind recycling! Reuse something that still has some sort of usefulness to someone and keep it out of the landfills.  At this point the useful car parts that are salvaged are often resold to consumers as spare parts.  There are still many similar vehicles on the road that are in need of spare parts from time to time.  These parts are sold at a great deal because they are used, so it will save consumers a lot of money. It also saves customers a lot of hassle because on older vehicles it is often more difficult to find parts.  Recycling old cars is almost like donating organs. Their parts go to saving other cars from being scrapped themselves.  Everyone benefits in this process.  This can even keep cars on the road long enough that fewer new cars need to be manufactured. It also keeps older cars on the market which helps people who might not be able to afford a new one.  

When parts from a car can’t be resold as spare parts for another vehicle, those portions can be broken down and sold as scrap metal. For example, if a car is in an accident and the insurance company considers it “totaled” then there might not be many parts that are useful to an auto mechanic to put on another car.  In this situation car recyclers are still interested in purchasing the severely damaged vehicle because scrap metal is also useful and can be sold for a decent price.  Metals are good products to recycle because, unlike some other recycled material, it often takes less energy and fewer resources to break metal down in to a form that is reusable than it takes to mine new metals from the beginning.  It is plain to see that auto recycling is beneficial to everyone involved.

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