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Junk Car

JunkYards and what they do

What is a Junk Car?

A car or an automobile that:

  • Is incapable of operating on public streets or highways
  • Has no value or use except as a source of parts or scrap.

Junk Yard

A business of acquiring junk automobiles:

Most cars when they reach the end of their useful life do still have parts that are useful and actually valuable to those who need parts that are no longer manufactured and available commercially. Many companies, buy or remove cars and dismantle them for parts. You can either sell or donate your car at the end of its useful life. Parts are then recycled or used as resellable car parts.

Did you know about 15 million cars each year reach the end of their use they are recycled for their parts, mostly polymer and steel approximately 15 million tons of steel is recycled each year for the automotive industry. Most recyclers and junk yards dismantle cars for their parts removing as much as possible for recycling and then rest is then added to landfills. Most cars are crushed by using car crushers to condense them before taking them to steel mills. Automobiles are number one recycled item. More than 9 million cars are recycled earch year helping conserve not only iron and steel but coal and energy used for processing steel.

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Thinking Of Selling Your Junk Car?

There is a good chance that you may have driven past a salvage yard of some kind, or perhaps you have gone to one of those junkyards where you can pick good parts from old cars. If you have done either of those, you might very well be wondering where all of those old vehicles come from. There are some that were obviously taken there after being involved in an accident, but there are often just as many that look as though they have never even been involved in any type of accident. The reality os that junk dealers are often happy to pay you for your junk car so that they can salvage those parts and turn a profit.

Most reputable junk dealers are more than happy to give you a price for your car, but it always helps if you have an idea of what it’s worth beforehand. If the car is running, you can always use resources like Kelley Blue Book to get an idea what the car is worth, based on information you input into their system. If the car is dead on its wheels, you can still evaluate which parts are working and which aren’t. You should also look at the condition of the tires and other parts so that you can come up with a rough estimate of the value.

You may be wondering why all of this information is important, and it’s because the junk dealer that you deal with is likely to use the same resources to come up with a value. If you find that what they offer is a whole lot less than what they offer, that might raise a red flag. This is a pretty big business, so you can bet that not all junk dealers are created equal. While you are online doing the research for the value of your car, also put in a little work in researching the junk dealers in your area. There are plenty of sites that will have feedback and reviews of each of your potential choices.

Some questions that you may want to ask junk dealers that may be interested in your car include how they will deal with the bill of sale. Most reputable dealers will try to make the whole process as painless as possible for you. That usually includes preparing the bill of sale with all the relevant information, such as the VIN number of the car you are getting rid of. You should also ask if they charge to come and get your car. If the company that you choose to deal with does have a fee for towing away your junk car, ask that it be taken off the amount that they are prepared to pay for your junk car.


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